Compass Light, Conover's small production company in Camden, Maine, started producing the series in 2004. 64 one-hour Sunrise Earth shows have been created in the first four years of production. The crew shoots with High Definition video cameras and the editors cut between multiple perspectives at a leisurely pace. The show is presented in real-time, with each shot lasting an average of 30 seconds. Each episode captures one sunrise from a certain location, such as Machu Picchu, Turkey or Scandinavia. Captions in the lower portion of the frame occasionally give information as to the location, time, and events on screen." property="og:description">
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Sunrise Earth

Sunrise Earth is a nature documentary television series featuring hour-long episodes that aired in the United States on Discovery HD Theater, now renamed HD Theater. The series focuses on presenting the viewer with sunrises in vario...



Directors: David Conover

Countries: US

Languages: en,

Quality: HD

Release: 2004

Runtime: 45

IMDb: 10

Networks: Velocity,


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