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Season 9 Episode 31 : Season 9, Episode 31

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

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This is where it all begins. The story starts with Goku at 12 when he first meets Bulma and is introduced to the legend of the Dragonballs: who ever gets all seven Dragonballs will have their wish granted by Shenron, the Dragon who resides within the balls. As Goku goes along his adventure he meets other characters such as Master Roshi, Krillin and others.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation






Runtime: 30 min

Date Published:

Year Released: 1995

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 50813

Content Rating: TV-14

Seasons: 9

Episodes: 153

Views: 542

Quality: HD

Trailer: Dragon Ball TV Series : Dragon Ball - Official Trailer http://ww.0123movies.live/thumbs2/show_fanarts/fanart_show_20b9cf23aaeb75c172193913e3b6f069.jpg 1986-02-26

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